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Primary resources
Population ... / max: ... Build more housing to grow your civilization
Zombies ...
  1. Blissful
  2. Happy
  3. Content
  4. Unhappy
  5. Angry
Recruit new citizens as for ... food.

Custom quantity


Secondary resources
Skins 0 0/s Leather 0 0/s
Herbs 0 0/s Piety 0 0/s
Ore 0 0/s Metal 0 0/s
Gold 0 Corpses 0
Total Buildings: ...
Total Land: ...

Custom Quantity

Unfilled Graves: ...


Progress on Wonder - 0% -
Limited by low resources

100 gold: Increase wonder progress
Wonder Completed! Choose Bonus:
Your civilization does not yet worship a deity. You need to increase piety by assigning clerics at a temple.

Current Deity

Walk: ... workers per second

You may select only one domain for your deity:

  • 500 piety
  • 500 piety
  • 500 piety
  • 500 piety

The Strength of Battle

The Bounty of the Fields

The Dread Power of the Underworld

The Grace of Cats


1,000 piety : Remove an old deity to gain gold

Pantheon Upgrades

You cannot command an army yet because you don't own a battle standard. Try building a barracks first.


Custom Quantity

To War!

Glory: 0 seconds remain


Total Enemies Slain: ...
You do not yet own a trading post. Try trading with a trader when they (randomly) appear.
Trader offers 1 gold for ... ... for the next ....
No trader visiting

Buy Resources (1 gold)

Resource clicks: 0